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My name is Jessica Casper. I am a fine art photographer and vintage enthusiast, based in Smithfield, Virginia. After a couple of years of practicing photography out of college, my first passion helped to develop my second love of all things vintage. I started to hit some yard sales every now and then, looking for photography props. Now, I am by absolutely no means a morning person. So it is kind of ironic that I have embraced getting up way too early on a Saturday morning as a career! But the addiction began when I would find an old chair, oozing with character, here and a great set of vintage luggage there. I soon realized that I loved the hunt, the sport of yard saling, just as much as the amazing bargain-priced items. 

In the past, I began to offer some of my great finds for sale online as a way to make additional funds for my photography business. I had no idea Vintage Potential was going to develop from a tiny blog into having a physical storefront! I am so thankful and appreciative for those who have followed my first Vintage Potential blog posts and even purchased items in the past. Because of your love and support, my business continues to grow every day. I cannot ever say thank you enough! Because of your interest in a hometown girl who loves a good yard sale or auction, probably way too much, I get to have a career doing something I love. Thank you for visiting this website, and thanks in advance for making continued visits to the storefront at 215 Main Street in Smithfield, Virginia.



I absolutely adore the vintage shade between blue and green. Life is better in teal!

It's my signature color. ~ Shelby

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Photography has taught me to see and better understand the world as a collection of frozen moments in time...moments, representing a truth and beauty, that we need to appreciate and preserve. www.jessicacasper.com